PROTECT Study Participant Accounts Transferred from King's College London to University of Exeter

A new website has been created for the PROTECT study which we hope participants will find easier and more enjoyable to use. This website has been open for participants and informants who registered from January 2019 onwards and is now in use by participants and informants who registered on the original website at King's College London (KCL). The original website has been closed down and anyone accessing the PROTECT study is being redirected to the new website.

Data that were previously held by the South London and Maudsley NHS foundation Trust in partnership with KCL have been moved to the University of Exeter using a secure, encrypted data transfer methodology. More information about how data is stored at Exeter is available in the privacy policy.

Study accounts on the new website are being made available in two phases. All PROTECT study participants and informants from KCL were asked to consent to the transfer of their account. Everyone who has consented can access their study account on the new website immediately. Anyone who has not consented to the transfer will be able to consent and re-activate their account after a short delay while the website is updated. This forms Phase 2 of the transfer process. These people have the option of providing consent for their account to be transferred or of withdrawing from the study. They should contact us to discuss these options directly.

Anyone with an active PROTECT study account registered on the original KCL website can start using the new website by selecting Login at the top of the study homepage Login and entering the same email address they had registered on the KCL website for the username and the same password they used on the KCL website. For security reasons, everyone will then need to set a new password when they first login.

Participants from KCL will notice some differences in their account. For example, information relating to previous PROTECT assessments or brain training history will not be immediately available. This information will become visible at a later date. The scheduling of study activities will be transferred so everyone can continue participating in the study as they did before being transferred.

Data from over 21,000 PROTECT website users were moved during this process and we would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we carried out this mammoth task. The new website will enable us to introduce more research studies and brain training games, be more accessible to mobile devices and will evolve to allow us to share more information about our research results.

We hope the process of activating study accounts goes smoothly for everyone but if it doesn't, please look at our FAQ for help and if you can't find what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

We have more detailed information about the website merge on our FAQ page FAQ if you would like to know more.